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So you may wonder why the Broadland Gallery doesn’t have any pictures of boats, wind pumps, rustling reeds, slow moving rivers and broad lakes and that’s because that’s where I live rather than the subject matter. And likewise you may ask why do I have two such seemingly incompatible subjects as travel and the female figure for my photography?

The answer goes back to my childhood when I first took an interest in pictorial things. Firstly I can still recall a pocket magazine laying around the house called Lilliput. It was full of general interest articles but in the middle of each edition  was a selection of  arty photographs depicting far away places along with some stylish “figure studies” of tastefully posed nudes. The second recollection was of my mum taking me to a photography exhibition and I can still recall to this day  wonderful monochrome images of a park bench in snow and a rim lit nude.

That did it, along with a camera for my eleventh birthday I was hooked. Travel photography came first and later I ventured out into portraiture and finally found my way to nudes.

So, I have always enjoyed my photography and I hope you will enjoy some for the pictures I’ve taken and included here in my Broadland Gallery.



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